Beige is good!!

Goodness knows why people are scared of beige!

It is such a wonderfully classic, summery colour that goes with anything and everything. It would be very hard to find another neutral so versatile.

But as it stands, the North Europeans and particularly us Brits have decided that it washes us out… Today we will attempt to dispel this silly myth.

First of all – beige is fresh. Especially teamed with white it will make your complexion glow.

Secondly, beige is a brilliant vehicle for all your brights and florals. Wear it with bright jewellery, printed scarves or pick one part of your outfit in beige and rest in brights or vice versa. The results will amaze you.

Lastly, treat beige as white and you will have no trouble finding ways to wear it more. Enjoy and never be scared!


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