Lagom Lavinia Dress FloralLAGOM is about balance. The clothes we design are stylish, yet comfortable making you feel your best whatever the occasion.
The name, LAGOM, is a Swedish word and is quite unique. It does not have a direct translation to English, but in context can mean ‘just right’ or ‘in good balance’. This is our brand philosophy – making things ‘just so’.

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We have a great passion for beautifully designed garments with the utmost attention paid to quality, individuality and versatility.
The collections are small and unique – our London based, small design team updates them several times a year in limited quantities giving you the opportunity to feel unique and special too. If you want to express your own original style, without the need to constantly hunt after the latest trends, our collections of wearable classics with just the right balance of quirky elements, retro influences and eccentric charm will offer all you ask for.
We do not support throwaway fast fashion at LAGOM – we only want to make things that our customers will want to keep and treasure for a long time. We make and source items as and when required to slot into our existing collections. Thus you may see an older style shining next to a New-In item.

Sustainability is always on our minds. Whether in the fabric choices, collection updates or supplier collaborations.

To complement our clothing collections we search the world for stunning, unusual accessories and jewellery. Often, the items we find are handmade by independent designers and artisans in small quantities echoing our own approach.

Because we care we would love to hear from you.
Let us know your thoughts – positive or negative. We are here to make you feel happy and would like to find out if you have a suggestion of how we can do that!

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